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University of South Florida

University of South Florida Celebrates One-Year All Ecos Anniversary

The results are in: at University of South Florida in Tampa, Eco Takeout Containers are not only good for the environment, but also for the bottom line. As a part of its school-wide effort focused on creating a “cleaner, greener USF,” Dr. Christian Wells, Director of the Office of Sustainability, began looking for ways to reduce waste in the area of foodservice. Working with Jenna Burns, Marketing Manager, USF Dining Services/Aramark, Dr. Wells succeeding in eliminating all Styrofoam™ takeout containers in 2010.


University of South Florida



Products trialled

Eco Takeout Containers

The exclusive use of Eco Takeout Containers is just one of several foodservice sustainability initiatives, and also complements the reusable mug program. Students enthusiastically embrace the Eco Takeout containers, and don’t mind paying the $4.00 deposit as a part of their meal plan fees. USF has found that the Styrofoam™ ban helps the earth AND the budget.

Performance and Results

Discarded 250,000 containers a year

Before the ban, USF used and discarded 8,000 disposable containers a week or 250,000 containers a year.

These quantities represent 30% of all garbage generated by USF.


By buying Eco Takeout Containers, USF Dining Services is saving at least $6000 per year.

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