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Bugambilia presents a wide variety of serving ware designs for your foodservice displays.

Bugambilia is solid sand-cast aluminium, handcrafted and manufactured in Mexico for over thirty years. Bugambilia resin-coated aluminium is 100% foodservice safe and NSF certified*.

Bugambilia’s unique patent pending technology allows this product to tolerate temperature ranges from -6.6°C to 93°C for our Classic Collection. These products can be placed in a freezer, refrigerator or warming oven prior to service. The cast aluminium base is a great conductor of temperature which allows the food to maintain correct serving temperatures for an extended period of time. Bugambilia resin-coated products work very well when placed directly on ice, on cold tables and in deli cases. Heat lamps may also be used. These products are designed for foodservice and display, not for food preparation or food storage. They are commercial dishwasher safe, and resistant to scratching, chipping & peeling.

Bugambilia resin-coated products are available in twenty different colours and a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The colours will maintain lustre even after continuous use. Our coating is baked into the aluminium body which prevents it from bubbling, lifting or peeling. Other companies in this category coat their product by either spraying or dipping and then baking. This process actually shrink-wraps the coating around the body without adhering to the aluminium body thus making it more susceptible to bubbling, lifting or peeling.

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